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Prescribing Indicators

Prescribing Indicators are used as a measure to compare Primary Care Organisations with each other in defined areas of prescribing.

The pages listed below provide access to the quarterly prescribing indicator data in a spreadsheet format which can be viewed or saved to your local machine for editing.

Follow the links to the area you are interested in :-

All Wales Comparators

The original local indicators developed in conjunction with the Joint Medical and Pharmaceutical Advisors Forum have been replaced and are now known as All Wales Comparators.

All Wales Comparators - Trend

Five quarter trend data for the All Wales Comparators.

National Indicators

High level all Wales indicators developed by the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group and the Welsh Medicines Partnership.

Repeat Dispensed

The Repeat Dispensed Prescribing indicator has been introduced as part of the Annual Operating Framework 2010/11.