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Student Awards Services



    *Please note that our site is currently being updated, please bear with us whilst we complete this.  Thank you.


    The Student Award Services is responsible for implementing the NHS Wales Bursary Schemes, which provides funding for healthcare students on NHS funded courses in Wales and Welsh domiciled medical and dental students within the UK.


    New students

    If you are planning to study a nursing / midwifery / allied health professional (AHP) course, you will be required to commit to working in Wales for a period of time after completing your studies.

    For a 3 year course it is a 2 year commitment and for a 2 year course it is 18 months. Please read our terms and conditions which can be found on the Apply for a bursary page before starting your application.

    If you are planning to become a doctor or dentist, you are not required to commit to these terms and conditions.

    Please follow the process below to start your Student Journey from bursary through to employment.


    Continuing students

    If you are currently in receipt of NHS bursary funding and wish to access your Bursary account, please click on the tracking system below or if you wish to reapply for the next academic year, please click the ‘Apply for a bursary’ button on the students journey below.


    The Students Journey


    student journey graphic

    1. Decide on your University healthcare degree
    2. Apply for a bursary (How do I apply for a bursary?)
    3. Apply for student finance (
    4. Search and apply for a job (Applying for a job? - Student Streamlining Scheme)