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Working for us


Our Background

In May 2009, the Minister for Health and Social Services commissioned a research study to be carried out by the School of Management at Bath University to review best practice models for shared services across the UK and internationally, and to canvas detailed feedback from stakeholders across Wales.

A consultation paper was produced to propose changes to the structure of the NHS in Wales to include provision for Shared Services Wales. The Shared Services business case focused on the need to deliver economies of scale; efficiencies and consistency of quality and process for the business and professional services that were directly managed and delivered by local NHS bodies. Consequently, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) was established in November 2010 and went live in April 2011. Since then, NWSSP has significantly developed and continued to improve and adapt; expanding our range of services year on year.


Delivering Value, Innovation and Excellence through Partnership

NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) delivers a wide range of high quality, professional, technical, and administrative services to NHS Wales working with wider public services, including the Welsh Government. We are an integral part of the NHS Wales family; supporting the staff and patients of Health Boards, Trusts and special Health Authorities in Wales and we also provide a range of services to the GP practices, dentists, opticians, and community pharmacies.


Our Values

Working Together

Inclusively with collegues, customers, and suppliers.


To be courageous and creative through continuous improvement.

Listening and Learning

To continually reflect upon and improve the quality an effectiveness of all we do.


Taking Responsibility

For brave and compassionate decisions and making the right things happen.


Our Services (pdf,4.70MB)

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Our Benefits (PDF, 3.45mb)

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Early Career Entry Routes

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