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Our Customers

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Customer Focus

The NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP) understands the importance of customer service in the delivery of services to individuals and groups.

We are committed to creating and developing a positive approach to customer service in which we strive to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. We aim to create an environment within which customer service is seen as essential to the management and delivery of services.


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Customer Charter (PDF, 221KB)



Key Benefits


  • Actual cost savings through streamlining of transactional processes

  • Actual cost savings through changed behaviour locally e.g. compliance with new procedures

  • Opportunity cost savings through improved performance of functions

  • Collaborative cost savings through increased purchasing power of public sector partnerships

  • Cost avoidance through elimination of errors


  • Harmonised method of delivery for services improves consistency of support
  • Standardisation of best practice improved standards and quality of customer service
  • Increased capacity through elimination of duplication
  • Increased capacity within Health Boards through separation of transactional functions
  • Better utilisation of staff skills
  • Greater job satisfaction and career opportunities for staff
  • Improved business resilience through better recruitment and retention
  • Improved governance, transparency and financial control
  • Improved staff and public confidence through strong corporate identity for "Team NHS Wales"