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NWSSP ESR Database change: Internal change - for the attention of all staff


On the 6th June 2021, NWSSP will undertake an exercise to transfer all employees from ESR database 120 (Velindre) to its own ESR database 043.

The change is required due to the recent expansion of the NWSSP workforce to include the Junior Doctor Single Lead Employer (SLE), Collaborative Bank Partnership (CBP), Medical Examiner Service and Laundry Services; and also to ensure that Departments within in NWSSP are able to efficiently manage staff and processes via one ESR database.

If you have an ESR username starting with 120, your employment record will be moved overnight on 6th June to the new ESR 043 database. The move does not affect your employment contract nor the terms and conditions to which you are employed.


It is our intention throughout the process to clearly explain the change. During conversations with management teams, the exercise may be referred to as ‘an MOCP’ (mass organisational change process) and the technical term for the database ‘VPD’ (virtual private database) may also be used.

We will be communicating to staff to ensure that all colleagues are fully briefed throughout the change process. We have a robust communications plan and will be communicating via:

  • Dedicated web pages (internet and intranet)
  • Email (Workforce and OD Communications)
  • NWSSP newsletters / Staff side/Union newsletter updates
  • Electronic Staff Record (ESR); Payslips; my weekly staff briefings
  • Via the Expenses portal
  • Updates for managers to distribute through Microsoft Teams and;
  • Virtual Coffee Mornings.

Below is a Frequently Asked Questions document that will guide you through the process.

A moderated Q&A function is also available so that all staff can ask any questions and receive answers from the NWSSP relevant divisions. The Q&A’s will then be published on this page.

If you do have any questions please contact:


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NWSSP ESR Database Change: Internal Change


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How to Export Annual Leave from ESR Employee Self Setrvice


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How to Export Team Sickness Absense


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How to Export All Absenses for Team