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Our specialist engineers provide advice and support to Welsh Government and NHS Wales on the following healthcare engineering systems:
  • Decontamination – sterilizers, washer-disinfectors, endoscope reprocessors
  • High voltage
  • Low voltage
  • Medical gas pipeline systems
  • Specialist ventilation and air conditioning systems – ultra-clean facilities, eg operating theatres, ICU
  • Water services

Our services

  • authorising engineering services
  • validation services
  • special investigations
  • advice on NHS and Welsh Government technical engineering guidance in hospitals
  • advice on departmental layout, operation of equipment and calibration
  • guidance on technical specifications of equipment for new-build or refurbishment

List of designated persons


The Team

Simon Russell
Head of Engineering
02920 904100
High voltage, Low voltage, Lifts,
Authorising Engineer
Jeff Willis
Performance Standards Engineer
02920 904105 Ventilation
Christopher East
Senior Performance Engineer (Medical Gases)
02920 904102 Medical gases, Authorising Engineer
Senior Performance Standards Engineer (Water)
02920 904092
Water, Authorising Engineer
Stephen Rees
Performance Standards Engineer
02920 904198
Low voltage, Lifts
Nigel Bolan
Senior Performance Standards Engineer
02920 904091 Low voltage, Authorising Engineer
John Prendergast
Senior Decontamination Engineer
02920 904097
Decontamination, Authorising Engineer
Peter Davies
Decontamination Engineer
02920 904093 Decontamination
Peter Barrow
Decontamination Engineer
02920 904090 Decontamination
Decontamination Engineer
02920 904101
Nigel Baker
Performance Standards Engineer
02920 904101
Performance Standards Engineer
Simon Griffiths Decontamination Engineer 02920 904086 Decontamination
Tony Goddard Performance Standards Engineer 02920 904086 High voltage