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All Wales Pharmacy Database and Service Specifications

Man looking on the pharmacy database

The All Wales Pharmacy Database (AWPD) was developed by NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership in conjunction with pharmacy contractors across Wales, Community Pharmacy Wales (CPW), the NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS), NHS Direct and Public Health Wales.

AWPD is a centralised definitive source of data on community pharmacies in Wales and the services and facilities they provide . It is used to: -

  • provide information to allow Health Boards to map pharmacy services and ensure equitable spread of healthcare provision
  • support electronic claims systems for community pharrmacy
  • provide accurate, up to date and consistent information on community pharmacy services to the public via links to NHS Direct
  • allow community pharmacy to review information held on their services

Direct access to the database is restricted to Health Board and Community Pharmacy staff. To request access please contact us -

Community Pharmacies should submit any amendments to their information by email to

Registered users can access the system using the following links: -

Please note that data is transferred to the internet version periodically and will not necessarily reflect recent changes. More information on the AWPD

Presgripsiwn Newydd: A New Prescription provides details of nationally directed services within the community pharmacy contractual framework. The Clinical Community Pharmacy Service (CCPS) and Pharmacist Independent Prescribing Service (PIPS) are the key nationally directed services and the required documentation for contractors are available here:


Service specifications for Clinical Community Pharmacy Service:

Pharmacy Independent Prescribing Service: Common Ailments and Contraception:

Discharge Medicines Review Service: