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Step by Step Guide to Submitting Your Account

PCS conducted an study during October 2022 of the time taken to prepare a batch for scanning. The time taken ranged from 90 minutes to prepare a submission of more than 11,000 forms to 8 hours, i.e., more than a full working day, to prepare a submission with only 4,438 forms.

Therefore, PCS have produced a guidance document to demonstrate what constitutes a poor quality batch with a view to contractors improving their submissions and reducing the time taken to prepare the batches for scanning. Below are some examples of submissions received that are below the standard required.

The full guidance document can be downloaded here. Alternatively you can view a short YouTube video on-line.

How to prepare the scripts
  • Detach all patient note sections (right hand side) attached to the prescriptions.
  • Remove foreign objects such as staples, paperclips etc. without damaging the forms where possible.
  • Keep prescriptions as flat as possible.
  • Ensure prescriptions have the same orientation.
  • Please keep the scripts in good condition
  • Invoices are not required providing all information has been endorsed i.e. Maker or supplier, net cost and pack size


Sorting of the account:

Important: You do not need to separate bar coded forms from non barcoded in any of the groups.

End of month scripts should be placed into 3 groups, there should be no documents attached to the scripts e.g invoices, photocopies,


  • Group 1 - This group should only include regular exempt prescriptions (WP10SS, WP10IPSS, WP10SPSS, WP10PN, Repeat Dispensing (RD) forms, Repeat Authorisation (RA) forms) which have been dispensed as prescribed and where there is no additional claim or endorsement added.
  • Group 2 = Scripts where Levy/patient charge has been collected.
  • Group 1A should include all of the remaining exempt prescription forms. This group will also include all the remaining prescription form types and any prescription forms where changes or additional endorsements have been necessary. Remember to use the 1A separator form to identify the Group when submitting the prescriptions.
    • please keep instalment forms (WP10HP(AD), WP10MDA) together in Group1A
  • ETC forms should follow the normal guidelines.

    •             They should be in GP1 unless they have an exception


Packing the account
  • Ensure the prescriptions are securely banded within a box size to fit so that they stay secure during transit.
  • Use appropriate packaging in line with the GDPR guidance
  • Apply the PS label to the box and ensure the correct PS code is clearly written on the label. (Beginning 60XXXX)
Complete the WP34C
  • Complete the Account No. section at the top of the form.
  • Complete the Contractors address/authorisation sections, labelled Part 1
  • Now complete the submission section, labelled Part 2
  • Finally complete the declaration, labelled Part 3
  • Ensure you place the WP34C on top of the prescriptions prior to securing your package.


Below are some examples of good and bad packing, please scroll through the images to view them.

Submission deadline

All prescriptions must be delivered to our Document Scanning Department no later than the 8th working day of the month following that in which the supply was made.

 NB We cannot guarantee an advance payment for accounts that arrive later than the 8th working day of the month.


Clause 5A Drug Tariff

Clause 5A of the Drug Tariff states end of month accounts MUST arrive to our department by the 8th working day of the month.

Failure to submit accounts in a timely manner may result in advance payments not being processed.

Clause 5A of the Drug Tariff also states:


Minimum Standard for Submission of Monthly Account:


  1. To ensure the accurate and timely payment of accounts each month prescriptions must meet minimum submission standards.
  2. Contractors are responsible for training staff involved in the preparation of prescriptions for transit and submission.

Accounts that fail to meet the minimum standards set out as 1 above may be subject to a financial penalty.


For Information relating to Electronic Transmission of Claims (ETC)  please click here