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Why Choose Wales?

Why Choose to Live and Work in Wales?

Wales provides an excellent venue for your GP training. Known for its natural beauty, Wales is home to some of the most beautiful landscape and scenery, while also maintaining its cultural and social attraction. From beaches and mountains to top-tier sports, festivals and performers, Wales truly does have it all.

NWSSP is proud to support the Train.Work.Live campaign, which is aimed at promoting Wales as a place to train, work and live.

If you are considering or would like to pursue the GP specialty within Wales, visit The Wales Deanery for more information on the assessment process and deadlines.

In the meantime, below is a taste of what Wales has to offer….

Natural Beauty

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Wales has 5 areas of outstanding national beauty which you can enjoy…



Wales is renowned for its beaches that stretch across the whole of…



Wales is the only country that has a pathway covering its whole…

Cardiff Castle


Wales is renowned for its culture and its array of museums and castles…

Music and Festivals

Music and Festivals

Throughout the year Wales has a multitude of festivals and shows that…

Cardiff Millenium Stadium


Whether you are an active sportsperson or just a spectator, Wales has…