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NICE Guidance

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) was originally established in 1999 as an England and Wales Special Health Authority. Following the Arms Length Bodies review in England in 2004, NICE was re-established as a  Special Health Authority  and the Welsh Government put an agreement in place to access the clinical aspects of NICE’s work. NICE has since been re-established (1 April 2013) as a Non-Departmental Public Body.
Welsh Government have recently agreed a new Service Level Agreement with NICE which covers technology appraisals, clinical guidelines and interventional procedure guidance. Additionally the agreement now includes public health and future social care guidance as well as the new NICE Quality Standards, Clinical Pathways and NHS Evidence.
Technology Appraisal guidance issued by NICE is subject to a funding Direction issued by the Welsh Government's Minister for Health and Social Services. This places a statutory obligation on Local Health Boards and NHS Trusts in Wales to make available health technologies recommended by NICE within three months of the date of publication, unless otherwise instructed by the Welsh Government.