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Clinical Audit

Clinical audit is designed to improve patient outcomes across a wide range of medical, surgical and mental health conditions. It's purpose is to:

  • Engage all healthcare professionals in systematic evaluation of their clinical practice against standards and to support and encourage improvement in the quality of treatment and care.

  • Provide information for patients and the public on the quality of specific healthcare services being provided locally and nationally. 

Clinical audit is integral to improving quality, safety and delivery for patient care in Wales. Audit provides an invaluable insight into the quality of care being provided and monitors how well improvements are being taken forward. NHS organisations in Wales are expected to participate in clinical audit as part of the requirements of Standard 3.3 of the Health and Care Standards 2015, which requires healthcare organisations to have a cycle of continuous quality improvement that includes clinical audit.

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) hosts the contract to manage and develop the NCAPOP. The programme comprises of around 40 audits and reviews that cover care provided to people with a wide range of medical, surgical and mental health conditions. 

All organisations should have annual clinical audit programmes in place which include both national, and local audits that address their priorities.

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