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Hospital Prescribing Data Extract

Hospital Prescribing Data Extract
From April 2013, prescribing data by Hospital will be made available at presentation level. The information is obtained from our prescribing and dispensing information systems.
The data covers prescriptions that are prescribed in Wales through Hospitals that are then dispensed in the community within Wales or England. The data includes all prescribed medicines, dressings and appliances that are dispensed each month. If a patient does not take a prescription to the pharmacy for dispensing, then the information will not be included in the dataset.
The data does not include private prescriptions.
Data will be published on the 1st working day of each month and will be available for the current and two complete financial years. Each compressed file will contain three individual files which can be viewed in applications such as Microsoft WordPad and Excel.
Prescribing data requires careful interpretation and should not be used in isolation.
Each month a compressed file containing three files will be available to download.



This is the main data file containing every item prescribed and dispensed at presentation level. The BNF class (15 characters) is included.



This provides the chemical substance using the first 9 characters of the BNF code included in the main GP data file.  


Address File

This file will provide the name and address of each Hospital.

This data is available for use and re-use under the Open Government Licence (OGL). Please ensure that you understand the terms of the OGL before using our data.

Please refer to the documents below for information on the individual files.
*from May 2017, the format of the Address file has been slightly amended to ensure the hospital name appears correctly.