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Consulting and Advisory

Two people looking at a graph on an internal audit

The Public Sector Internal Audit Standards for the NHS enable internal audit to provide an independent and objective consultancy service specifically to support management in improving the organisations risk management, control and governance.

These consulting and advisory services can take a variety of forms, which may include:

  • targeted advice and assistance to management and the board;
  • reviews focussed on finding solutions in specific problem areas;
  • helping organisations improve performance and secure value for money in the use of resources;
  • attendance and facilitation at workshops and committee meetings;
  • provision of guidance and advice on the design of controls;
  • reviewing new or updated operational or financial control procedures;
  • critical friend role on the development of governance, risk management and assurance arrangements.

In addition to servicing the needs of individual organisations, a significant proportion of consulting and advisory services provided by internal audit will be directed towards expert advice and guidance on national policy developments, major projects, and systems developments for the collective benefit of NHS Wales.

Individual organisations may commission additional consulting and advisory services on a discretionary basis according to local demands and needs. If there is something we can help you with then please make direct contact with your nominated audit lead.