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Standing Orders - NHS Trusts


Trusts in Wales must agree Standing Orders (SOs) that, together with a set of Standing Financial Instructions and a scheme of decisions reserved to the Board; a scheme of delegations to officers and others; and a range of other framework documents set out the arrangements within which the Board, its Committees, Advisory Groups and NHS staff make decisions and carry out their activities - its 'ways of working'. The Standing Orders should be based upon the model determined by the Welsh Government.

The latest versions of the model documents, together with the list of amendments and cross referencing to legislation and Ministerial Directions are supplied for your information as attachments on this page.

The Trust SOs incorporates the following as Schedules to the Trust SOs:

  • Schedule 1 Trust Model Reservation and Delegation of Powers [March 2021]
  • Schedule 2.1 Trust Model Standing Financial Instructions [March 2021]
  • Schedule 4.1 Local Partnership Forum - Terms of Reference and Operating Arrangements [March 2021]
  • Trust Standing Orders - Glossary of Terms [September 2019]