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Bi-Annual Learning Events

People sat at a learning event

The Directors of Planning are responsible for hosting a number of learning events each year. These events are developed around key themes or specific topics of interest to the health and social care planning community. These events are intended to support the planning cycle and to enhance and expand the knowledge and understanding of planners, and those that plan.

Open to colleagues within health, social care as well as third and independent sectors. These events seek to break down barriers and ensure that delegates can network, learn and have a space to share good practice.


The next annual conference will be on 7th June 2023 and will be an all day, in person event, held at Cardiff and Vale College. The theme for the conference will be ‘Complexity of Collaboration’.



Prior to registering, given the initial allocation per organisation, please check with your representative DOP/ADOP. If organisations are unable to fulfil their allocation, we will look to offer additional places to a wider audience.