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ETC Update - May 2019

All suppliers systems are currently in technical go-live i.e. they have rolled out ETC functionality into the live environment. Please contact your system supplier for further information. Please note that, during the technical go-live phase, contractors should continue to sort their accounts as per the existing arrangements. New sorting arrangements will not come into force until ETC submission targets have been reached. Please see FAQ 3.1 for further information.

Please note that Drug Tariff provisions with regard to the monthly IM&T service payment have now been updated.

From June 2019, compliance with phase 2, release 3 will be assessed against the percentage of ETC claim messages submitted for qualifying prescription items. Qualifying items are defined as those prescribed on a WP10 prescription containing a 2DRx barcode. In order to retain the IM&T allowance, each contractor must submit ETC claim messages to meet the following thresholds:

  • From June 2019 - 40%
  • From September 2019 - 55%
  • From December 2019 - 70%
  • From March 2020 - 80%

Information on ETC Transmission rates for individual pharmacies can be found here.

NOTE: Discrepancy in ETC Transmission Rate report published on 10th May 2019

We have established that there was a data discrepancy for a number of accounts in the ETC Transmission Rate report published on 10th May 2019.


ETC Transmission Issues

Please complete this form if your are experiencing issues with your PMR system that may prevent you from meeting the ETC transmission target. We recommend that you discuss the issue with your PMR supplier before completing this form.


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