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Legal & Risk Development Day


Last week we held our 3rd ‘Development Day’ for the whole department at the All Nations Centre in Cardiff. The Development Days have been implemented to give staff the opportunity to leave their normal work environment and interact with each other in a completely different setting.

laughing yogaThe day started with an interactive session by Lotte Mikkelsen with Laughter Yoga. Although sceptical at first, this was well received from staff who found it to be an instant stress buster and helped to change people’s frame of mind. It is natural for there to be challenges between people in any organisation. Laughter is one of the easiest ways to bond, it is non-verbal, non-hierarchical and cross-cultural.

The rest of the agenda for the day consisted of:

  • IMTP Updated from Head of Planning Iain Hardcastle
  • GP Indemnity update – presented by Heather Grimbaldeston
  • Team updates – a 15 minute update from teams on recent high profile projects/cases and a round up from our Business Manager on the recent successful Lexcel and CSE audits.
  • GDPR Update – presented by Tim Knifton, Information Governance Manager.

Iain Hardcastle