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Financial Incentives


GP Training Financial Incentives

The Targeted Incentive:

At present GP Trainees who start the first post of their GP training programme in Wales  between 2017 up to and including February 2025, in a targeted area with a history of lower than average fill rates, will be eligible for a payment of up to £20,000 should they remain in a targeted area for the duration of their training and for one year of practice after qualification. This incentive is targeted at selected training areas within Hywel Dda University Health Board (‘HDUHB’), Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (‘BCUHB’) and Powys Teaching Health Board (‘PTHB’) (‘eligible Health Board areas’).

Trainees from the Gwent and South Powys and Swansea Bay Schemes who complete their entire ST3 post in one of the Powys practices will also be eligible for the targeted incentive.

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Financial Incentives

For more information on the financial incentives, visit HEIW and see the GP training financial incentives FAQ.