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Cloud-based platform

Man accessing cloud based platform on laptop

The NHS Wales Informatics Service highlights that Cloud Computing is the direction that many services are heading in and that this represents a significant area of development for ICT services, offering considerable benefits to organisations. Welsh Health Circulars and NHS Wales Guidance documents have been published on this topic and the use of cloud computing as a platform for new ICT systems is actively encouraged. It is also important to ensure compliance with best practice in relation to cyber security is adopted in system specifications.

The programme team have accessed specialist advice in respect of cyber security and the specification takes account of WHC (2017) 025 (which outlines the cyber security requirements expected of suppliers) and NHS Wales Guidance: Cloud Services - published by the NHS Wales Informatics Management Board.

The concepts of cloud solutions, including methods of integration with NHS Wales patient and staff data systems, has been presented to the NWIS Assurance Board. Oversight by the NWIS assurance process will be continued during the programme development and roll out.