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Achieving Value for Money

This section provides guidance on looking after taxpayers resources and using them carefully to deliver high quality, efficient services; and covers topics such as stewardship and financial control, value for money, NHS funding and supporting the finance community.

Achieving Value for Money is overlaid with the specific aspects of financial management arising from the Government of Wales Act 2006. The same basic principles generally apply in all parts of the UK public sector, with adjustments for context as necessary. Everyone working in public services in the UK should be aware of the need to manage and deploy public resources responsibly in the public interest.

Vital as these principles are, the advice in this will change over time. The law moves forward; the standards used in business and public life evolve; new techniques emerge; and public expectations change. Through all these shifts, Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales rightly expect that public funds, whether raised through taxation or public sector charges, will be used properly. They look to the Treasury and the Welsh Government to help public servants meet these expectations in a transparent, responsible and consistent fashion. So they will expect the guidance and standards detailed on this website to be followed.