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All Wales Consent Forms: Patient Consent to Examination or Treatment

Below are the current consent forms to help clinicians in NHS Wales to obtain properly informed consent from patients undergoing examination or treatment. The forms are intended to be used by health professionals, and provide assurance that their organisation is meeting the required standards. The three current consent forms are:


Consent Form 1 (for people aged 16 years and over with mental capacity and people under 16 years of age who are Gillick competent) 


Consent Form 2 (Agreement of person with parental responsibility to examination or treatment for a child under 16 years of age who is not Gillick competent)


Consent Form 3 (This form has been discontinued in Wales)


Consent Form 4 (Treatment in Best Interests is for patients aged 16 years and over who lack capacity to consent to examination or treatment). 


Below is a link to Guidance for Health Professionals completing Form 1:

Guidance to Health Professionals