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Ophthalmic and Supplementary Ophthalmic List Search

Woman Having an Eye examination

The National Health Service (General Ophthalmic Services Supplementary List) and (General Ophthalmic Services) (Amendment and Consequential Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2006 require a Local Health Board to prepare and publish an ophthalmic list and a supplementary list of all practitioners approved by the Local Health Board for the purposes of assisting in the provision of general ophthalmic services. An ophthalmic practitioner is not eligible to assist in the provision of general ophthalmic services, unless his or her name is included in an ophthalmic list or a supplementary list.  Currently ophthalmic opticians, ophthalmic medical practitioners (OMPs) and pre-registration opticians listed in England are required to apply to join a Welsh list to work in Wales and the same applies in England.

Dispensing opticians do not need to be included in an ophthalmic list or supplementary list in Wales in order to provide dispensing services in Wales.

Note: If you are unable to find a specific optician on the list please contact for further information.