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Next Steps and Headline Workforce Principles

Project manager showing the next steps

Next Steps – What's required

  • Convert the OBC into a PBC
  • Site selection
  • Optimised Operating model
  • Design Plant Blueprint
  • Define optimum Workforce requirements (WTE)
  • Updated and detailed Operating costs
  • Carbon Impact / Decarbonisation Opportunities
  • Transport network existing vs new.


Headline Workforce Principles

  • OCP – All Wales Management of Change Process followed.
  • Continued delivery of high quality and safe Laundry Services to NHS Wales.
  • Collaboration throughout the change process and the promotion of effective staff communication.
  • Retention of employment for staff affected within the NHS.
  • Minimise the negative impact the change may have on the health and wellbeing of staff directly affected by the change process.
  • NWSSP and Health Boards will explore and implement a range of solutions which may include ring fencing suitable vacancies for staff unable to transfer with a service; running collaborative recruitment panels, flexible recruitment campaigns, joint advertising etc.
  • During the transition period, any contingency required to maintain workforce arrangements (i.e. temporary appointments) and staffing levels will not compromise the longer term position and protection of staff entitlements.
  • NWSSP and Health Board Employers will take collective responsibility for pro- actively planning the workforce, deployment and training of staff across the service areas affected as service models are developed and implemented.
  • Each organisation will continue to work in partnership with Staff Side Organisations to ensure the smooth transition to the new arrangements.
  • Affected staff will be supported during the change process. Regular risk assessments will be carried out to review the impact the change process is having on staff and action taken to mitigate. Actions will include additional support via Local EAP, Personal resilience training, mindfulness training etc.
  • Training will be provided to all staff affected to ensure the smooth transition to the new arrangements. Trade Union Learning Network colleagues will be involved in the development of training packages and plans.
  • Management of the Service is transferred to NWSSP at the earliest opportunity. This will result in an employee TUPE transfer immediately where in scope. This will allow the ongoing management and planning of the enabling capital works to commence, alongside managing a consistent message across the service. 
  • Whilst the locations are not yet finally identified, the emerging model is based on an assumption that the Laundry service will operate from Regional hubs.
  • For employees based at the 3 locations that are identified to provide the service in the North, South East and South West; employees TUPE transfer immediately as they are deemed in scope. This will allow the individuals to become NWSSP employees, limiting anxiety for those effected.
  • For employees at the 2 locations where the service will not be provided in the longer term, they remain in the employment of their current HB, unless they wish to transfer. They would be managed under a Service Level Agreement by NWSSP management. This will allow the ability to consider the wishes of individuals at the 2 locations, taking into consideration their geographical and personal preferences and constraints, and entering into a dialogue over their preferred options.
  • There will be a reasonable lead time before units are de-commissioned, providing time for us to work through employee options and preferences.
  • Employees will be assisted and supported through the process to ensure that we care for their wellbeing.