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'How To' Guides for using the Health and Care Standards

The attached guides provide suggested toolkits to help NHS Services and Teams and Third Sector Organisations use the Health and Care Standards to drive continual improvement within their service and organisation by supporting:
• Third Sector and NHS Teams and Services to use the Health and Care Standards
• NHS organisations to assure themselves that their teams and services meet and use the Health and Care Standards and enable them to demonstrate this to others
• NHS Organisations to assure themselves that Third Sector partners meet and use the Health and Care Standards
Documents ‘mapping’ the old and new Standards frameworks have been produced.  These can be used to translate existing work on the Standards to the new Standards framework and will help you to quickly identify key changes.
‘How To’ Guides giving practical advice on how to self-assess against and implement the Health and Care Standards within NHS Teams and Services and for Third Sector organisations have been developed. It is recognised that services may achieve many of the standards through their professional standards and regulation.

NHS templates:

Third sector templates:


• The Third Sector Guide has been developed with kind assistance from Powys Association for Voluntary Organisations (PAVO).
• The Mapping documents and Third Sector templates were kindly produced by PAVO.

‘How To’ Guides and Resources


Mapping Doing Well, Doing Better: Standards for Health Services (2010) to Health and Care Standards (2015)