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Standard 6.3 Listening and Learning from Feedback

Standard 6.3 Listening and Learning from Feedback

People who receive care, and their families, must be empowered to describe their experiences to those who provided their care so there is a clear understanding of what is working well and what is not, and they must receive an open and honest response. Health services should be shaped by and meet the needs of the people served and demonstrate that they act on and learn from feedback.

The health service will need to consider the following criteria for meeting the standard:


  • Health services and boards demonstrate how they are responding to user experience to improve services.
  • Partners are engaged in supporting and enabling people to be involved in the design planning and delivery of services.
  • The patient’s and carer's voice is heeded by health services and boards, including through the use of patient stories.
  • Feedback is captured, published and acted upon in a way that provides an ongoing and continuous view of performance and demonstrates learning and improvement.
  • Service delivery improvement for all people is captured and demonstrated which includes as a consequence meeting statutory responsibilities for children and young people, equality and diversity, and the Welsh language.
  • It is clear how data reported in national surveys and audits are used and applied.
  • There are processes in place that assure a good experience for people including to:
    • assessing and evaluating service user experience, especially for those who are vulnerable
    • provision for people who are less able to speak for themselves
    • delivering and measuring improvement
    • using patient feedback to influence/drive changes to service provision and delivery
    • recognising the spiritual, pastoral and religious dimension of care
  • There is compliance with legislation and guidance to deal with concerns, incidents, near misses, and claims as set out in the “Putting Things Right” arrangements.
  • Concerns are reported, acted upon and responded to in an appropriate and timely manner and are handled and investigated openly, effectively and by those appropriately skilled to do so.
  • Patients, service users and their carers are offered support including advocacy and where appropriate redress.
  • Health services are open and honest with people when something goes wrong with their care and treatment.
  • Appropriate support is provided to health staff and learning and services improve through sharing lessons from local and national reviews.


Standard 6.3 Listening and Learning from Feedback Supporting Guidance