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Standard 4.2 Patient Information

Standard 4.2 Patient Information

People must receive full information about their care which is accessible, understandable and in a language and manner sensitive to their needs to enable and support them to make an informed decision about their care as an equal partner.  

The health service will need to consider the following criteria for meeting the standard:



  • People’s rights and individual circumstances are respected so they have a voice and control, empowering them to make decisions that affect their lives.
  • Welsh speakers are empowered to express their needs and they are able to fully participate in their care as equal partners. Where needed people are provided with access to a translator or a member of staff with appropriate language skills.
  • Health, personal and social care needs are assessed and set out in regularly reviewed plans of care.
  • Assistance or specialist aids are provided to those with speaking, sight or hearing difficulties, special needs such as memory problems or learning disabilities, enabling them to receive and respond to information.
  • People are consulted about any treatment and care they are to receive and opportunities provided to discuss and agree options.
  • People’s personal records are kept safe regularly updated and available to them.
  • Time is taken to listen and actively respond to any questions and concerns that the individual or their relatives may have, treating their information confidentially.
  • Valid consent is obtained in line with best practice guidance; and assessing and caring for people in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and when appropriate the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2009.
  • Timely and accessible information is provided on people’s conditions and care, medication, treatment and support arrangements.


Standard 4.2 Patient Information Supporting Guidance