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Person Centred Care

person centered care

Person centred care refers to a process that is people focused, promotes independence and autonomy, provides choice and control and is based on a collaborative team philosophy. It takes into account people’s needs and views and builds relationships with family members. It recognises that care should be holistic and so includes a spiritual, pastoral and religious dimension. The delivery of person centred care requires both safe and effective care and should result in a good experience for people. This responds to the need expressed by NHS Wales to be able to describe the key determinants of a “good” experience to help both users and providers in assessing how people feel and achieve improved outcomes as a result of the care and services they receive.

Co-production can support the delivery of person-centred care, which prioritises putting patients, their families and carers at the heart of all decisions and plans about health care.  It sees patients as equal partners in planning, developing and assessing care to make sure it is most appropriate for their needs. Co-production is an approach to public services which involves citizens, communities, and the professionals who support them, pooling their expertise to deliver more effective and sustainable outcomes and an improved experience for all involved.