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Global Standards:

GS1 Standards will be used to help uniquely identify products, places, people and procedures.


Some useful acronyms:

GTIN – Global Trade Item Number: Companies to uniquely identify all of their trade items.

GLN – Global Location Number: Physical space can be uniquely​ labelled.

GSRN – Global Service Relationship Number: Uniquely be able to identify people e.g. patient or staff in theatre.



Want to know more and interested in further information then some of the links below will be useful:


Interested to know more about the benefits of S4S based on NHS England experience then please follow this link to a recent benefits report:

gs1_uk_a_scan_of_the_benefits_report.pdf ( 


This YouTube clip is 8 mins and offers some valuable insight from different healthcare professionals in NHS England including  CEOs, surgeons, nurses and others :


If you would like to understand more about GS1 standards and how they might be applied in a healthcare setting then this short 3 min animation and clip is very helpful:



FAQ’s can be found below. If you have any further questions please email the team with your question, we’d love to hear from you: