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Theme 2 Safe Care

nurse helping old man

The principle of safe care is to ensure that people in Wales are protected from harm and supported to protect themselves from known harm.

The health, safety and welfare of people are a priority. A service focused on safe care and support is continually looking for ways to be more reliable and to improve the quality and safety of the service it delivers. Although the provision of care has some associated element of risk of harm to service users, safe care identifies, prevents or minimises unnecessary or potential harm. Therefore people will be kept safe and protected from avoidable harm through appropriate care, treatment and support.


What this means for me as a person when the standards within this theme are met:

  • I am supported to protect my own and my families health
  • I am kept safe and protected from avoidable harm through appropriate care treatment and support
  • I receive a high quality safe service whilst in the care of the NHS


Standard 2.1 Managing Risk and Promoting Health and Safety

Standard 2.2 Preventing Pressure and Tissue Damage

Standard 2.3 Falls Prevention

Standard 2.4 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Decontamination

Standard 2.5 Nutrition and Hydration

Standard 2.6 Medicines Management

Standard 2.7 Safeguarding Children and Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Standard 2.8 Blood Management

Standard 2.9 Medical Devices, Equipment and Diagnostic Systems