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Isobel Smith

Isobel Smith

Isobel Smith is one of the two clinical assessors and safety and learning advisors within the Welsh Risk Pool (WRP) team. She has been with the WRP team since 2006.

Isobel's nursing experience spans both general nursing, theatre and midwifery. The role with WRP involves promoting safety and learning and clinical risk management. To this end the two assessors analyse and provide information to the WRP Committee on new claims being presented for payment and make recommendations in respect of approval or alternatively deferment or rejection of payments where further assurance of systems and processes in place are needed. In depth reviews of high risk clinical areas are also part of the assessors' portfolios and can including evaluation of clinical risk in the NHS organisations across Wales, provision of risk management training and policy scrutiny. The remit is broad and spans work across all the NHS organisations in Wales.

Isobel is based in North Wales, at NWSSP Alder House. She is married and lives in Wrexham. When not at work she enjoys time with friends and family, eating out, travelling and spending time at her seaside caravan.


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