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Standard 7.1 Workforce

Standard 7.1 Workforce

Health services should ensure there are enough staff with the right knowledge and skills available at the right time to meet need.


The health service will need to consider the following criteria for meeting the standard:



Staff are enabled to learn and develop to their full potential. The leaders of any NHS organisation have a duty to set the appropriate tone and promote the right culture, and ensure that individual members of staff can fulfil their responsibility to deliver high quality and safe services.

Health services work with partners to develop an appropriately skilled safe and sustainable workforce by:

  • having effective workforce plans which are integrated with service and financial plans
  • meeting the needs of the population served through an appropriate skill mix with staff having language awareness and the capability to provide services through the Welsh language
  • promoting the continuous improvement of services through better ways of working
  • enabling the supply of trainees, students, newly qualified staff and new recruits and their development
  • ensuring plans reflect cross organisational/regional/all Wales workforce requirements where appropriate.


The workforce:

  • have all necessary recruitment and periodic employment checks and are registered with the  relevant bodies
  • are appropriately recruited, trained, qualified and competent for the work they undertake
  • act, and are treated, in accordance with identified standards and codes of conduct
  • The workforce: are able to raise, in confidence without prejudice, concerns over any aspect of service delivery, treatment or management
  • are mentored, supervised and supported in the delivery of their role
  • are dealt with fairly and equitably when their performance causes concern
  • are provided with appropriate skills, equipment and support to enable them to meet their responsibilities to consistently high standards


The workforce is provided with appropriate support to enable them to:

  • maintain and develop competencies in order to be developed to their full potential
  • attend induction and mandatory training programmes
  • have an annual appraisal and a personal development plan
  • develop their role
  • demonstrate continuing professional development
  • access opportunities to develop collaborative practice and team working
  • work closely together, preventing duplication of effort and enabling more efficient use of resources


Standard 7.1 Workforce Supporting Guidance