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Theme 7 Staff and Resources

staff talking in a meeting

The principle is that people in Wales can find information about how their NHS is resourced and make careful use of them. Health services in Wales have a clear responsibility to secure the efficient and economic use of resources, and people in Wales need to understand how the resources are used and how they can be improved. The governance, leadership and accountability standard set out at the start of this document sets out how this should be demonstrated

A significant resource is the NHS workforce in Wales which consists of all the people who work in, for, or with the service and they are all integral to the delivery of a high quality, person-centred and safe service. Health services must be able to assure the public, service users and their workforce that everyone working in the service is contributing to a high quality safe service. The health service must determine the workforce requirements to deliver high quality safe care and support. The individual members of a workforce must be skilled and competent and the workforce as a whole must be planned configured and managed.

What this means for me as a person when the standard within this theme is met:

  • Financial resources are used efficiently and effectively to improve my health outcomes
  • I work with the NHS to improve the use of resources
  • Quality trained staff who are fully engaged in delivering excellent care and support to me and my family


Standard 7.1 Workforce