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Standard 5.1 Timely Access

Standard 5.1 Timely Access

All aspects of care are provided in a timely way ensuring that people are treated and cared for in the right way, at the right time, in the right place and with the right staff.


The health service will need to consider the following criteria for meeting the standard:



  • People’s health outcomes are monitored in order to ensure they receive care in a timely way.
  • All aspects of care are provided, including referral, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, transfer of care and discharge including care at the end of life, in a timely way consistent with national timescales, pathways and best practice.
  • Conditions are diagnosed early and treated in accordance with clinical need.
  • Accessible information and support is given to ensure people are actively involved in decisions about their care.
  • There is compliance with the NHS Outcomes and Delivery framework relating to timely care outcomes.


Standard 5.1 Timely Access Supporting Guidance