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Standard 3.1 Safe and Clinically Effective Care

Standard 3.1 Safe and Clinically Effective Care

Care, treatment and decision making should reflect best practice based on evidence to ensure that people receive the right care and support to meet their individual needs.


The health service will need to consider the following criteria for meeting the standard:



  • People are safe and protected from avoidable harm through appropriate care, treatment, information, support and early detection of risks.
  • People are supported to protect their own and their families’ health.
  • Welsh speakers are able to use the Welsh language to express themselves and information is communicated effectively.
  • Practice evolves to reflect new evidence and provides an efficient and effective response to promote safe and clinically effective care.
  • Systems and processes comply with safety and clinical directives in a timely way, including alerts.
  • Systems ensure non-compliance or variance from best practice is properly recorded and audited and any risks identified are managed appropriately.
  • People receive a high quality, safe and effective service whilst in the care of the NHS which is based on agreed best practice guidelines including those defined by condition specific Delivery Plans, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), NHS Wales Patient Safety Solutions, and professional bodies.
  • Practice keeps up to date with best practice, national and professional guidance, new technologies and innovative ways of working.   


Standard 3.1 Safe and Clinically Effective Care Supporting Guidance