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Standard 2.8 Blood Management

Standard 2.8 Blood Management

People have timely access to a safe and sufficient supply of blood, blood products and blood components when needed.


The health service will need to consider the following criteria for meeting the standard:



  • Health services have robust governance systems in place to maintain a safe sufficient supply of blood, blood components and blood products to support timely appropriate and effective use for all.
  • There is compliance with legislation and national guidance on the supply and appropriate use of blood, blood components and products.
  • Effective schemes and systems are in place to actively manage stock, minimise wastage, and plan effectively for shortages.
  • A continuous innovative programme of education, training and competence assessment covers all staff involved in the transfusion process in line with national strategy.
  • Processes are in place that enhance the safety of blood transfusion and support the recognition and reporting of, and shared learning from all incidents, adverse blood events and reactions.
  • There is a collaborative approach to optimal blood management.


Standard 2.8 Blood Management Supporting Guidance