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Standard 2.6 Medicines Management

Standard 2.6 Medicines Management

People receive medication for the correct reason, the right medication at the right dose and at the right time



  • There is compliance with legislation, regulatory and professional guidance and with local guidance for all aspects of medicines management.
  • Health professionals are qualified, registered with their respective regulatory bodies and fit for practice to prescribe, dispense and administer medicines within their professional competence and appropriate to the needs of the patient.
  • There is timely, accessible and appropriate medicines advice and information for patients, carers and staff. Patients are provided with sufficient information to meet their needs regarding  the purpose and correct use of their  medication and  alternate  treatment options. All patients have an opportunity to discuss and agree their treatment plan.
  • Adverse drug reactions and medicine related adverse incidents are reported and investigated where appropriate.


Standard 2.6 Medicines Management Supporting Guidance